Tribe By Choice
Tribe by Choice is a series of 3-minute movies featuring the growing international movement of people choosing to live in Intentional Communities. Similar to the Moshav in Israel, it deals with people making a conscious choice to live together in a sort of Village. The concept originated in Sweden and has taken hold in the United States with a unique flavor in every place where groups have formed to co-create their ideal lifestyle. This Santa Fe community has a unique flavor of Southwest Architecture dominating the 28 households and community land. This 15 minute independent film in 4 parts has been featured in 6 Film Festivals in New Mexico and California.
Tribe by Choice

An original look at the Commons Family including the twice-weekly communal meals, feast days, & kids at play.

  History and Spirit of the Land

Our own historian Greg Schaaf describes the Native soul of those who were on this land before it became the Commons on the Alameda. It shows our continuing role as caretakers of the land.

Alec Walling shares the story of the community compost pit and his beneficial worms. This family teaching begins with Bianca and Joya Sivan and Robert and Zoe Railey showing "How To Compost" and ends with Joya proving that even a little kid can do it!

Kitchen Moms

Ellen, Caroline, Marion, and Richard share their different roles to keep the community kitchen running smoothly and with humor!

Katya Miller graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in Visual Arts/Metalsmithing a long time ago (1970), and has been an independent filmmaker in New Mexico since 1999. She lived at the Co-housing Community in Santa Fe for 8 years where she produced, directed and edited "Tribe by Choice," a short documentary on community living. In 2006-7 she directed Telly award winning "The Art of Interview" for Friends of Film, Video and Arts, a DIRECTOR'S CUT - New Mexico series.
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