Katya Miller


Katya Miller is a graduate of the Design Department at the University of
California, Berkeley. For thirty years, she has been producing cultural
imagery through jewelry and video. Her jewelry designs sell in museums and
catalogues nationwide, as well as on the Internet. (www.Culturalimages.net)

The focus on LADY FREEDOM began in 1993 when the statue was refurbished at the US Capital in Washington D.C. Due to Katya’s background in metalsmithing and modern and ancient art history, the story of LADY FREEDOM grew from her desire to share the knowledge of this great figure through an artistic medium.

Her sculpted statue/pendant of LADY FREEDOM has sold at the US Capitol
Historical Society kiosks and the Senate Gift Shop. Katya began researching
the history of Lady Freedom by consulting with the curator and historians at
the Capitol, as well as doing years of historical research. Her article An
Appreciation of Thomas Crawford’s Statue of Freedom-A Statue Called
Pocahontas, America, Liberty, and Freedom is in “The Capitol Dome” magazine
published by the US Historical Society-Winter 2007.

As a videographer, Katya has filmed for non-profit organizations and
Independent film productions. She recently directed Telly award winning film
“The Art of Interview” and “The Art of Storytelling” a Directors Cut Film
Series for Friends of Film, Video and Arts of New Mexico.

“Tribe by Choice,” a short documentary on co-housing, was produced, directed
and edited by Katya. This film has been shown at film festivals in New
Mexico and California. Katya also organized a Jewish Film Festival for the
New Mexico Jewish Historical Society in 2001.

Writing and producing the “Spirit of Freedom,” a 4-minute story, based on
Lady Freedom for the Internet, led Katya to initiate the production of a
full-length documentary. She is currently collaborating with both European
American and Native American historians to write and produce a Documentary.

Lady Freedom Pictures